6 Ways to look after your hair in the winter

  1. To avoid the dreaded Frizzy locks in the winter, one tip I found is that if you tie it up, in a bobble, or with some pins it stops your hair getting unruly.  
  1. There is believe it or not a new funky way to use a scrunchy. As seen on This Morning with Lorrain Kelly!

  2. Do you get your hair trimmed regularly? Hairdressers recommend getting your hair cut regularly, this is because, there are no products out there that can repair hair once it’s damaged so trims keep it nice and healthy!

  3. It is tempting to skip Heat Barriers, but they are designed to provide a barrier between the heat and damaging the hair follicles, plus if you invest in a good one this may even condition the hair at the same time! We like this GHD one that can be found on Amazon. (link)

  4. Do you notice that when the heating is on our skin gets dry, well so does our hair to help moisturise our hair, why not do a weekly mask, like this one with Argan Oil

  5. More nutrients please. If you eat healthily it should show in your hair too, but we found these vitamins that could give your hair the extra boost, if you find it hard to get nutritional oils and vitamins into your diet!

  6. A fantastic tip, I had off one of my hairdresser friends, was that to invest in an amazing conditioner, the water should be warm when you wash your hair – repeat the wash if necessary. If your going in to invest in something you should make it your conditioner, but a word of warning if you don’t wash it off, then your hair could go lank, so a top tip would be to ensure you wash all of the conditioner out and then rinse it again! 
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