My name is Emma Leighton and I was a Salon owner for 8 years.

I am now a Salon Sales & Marketing Educator, and also a Big Ideas Wales Role Model and Business Wales Mentor, Website designer for Salons and one of the Organisers of The North Wales Blow Dry Awards, all of which I do as well as being a mum to my 7 year old son Sam.

I am on a mission to help promote Hair Salons and small businesses.  If you require help with promoting your salon click here. 

I’m going to be visiting Hair Salons every week to have a Blow Dry, or Blow Out.

You can normally be in an out within the hour, so it’s a pamper I can make time for!

I have to tell you I do not like washing and drying my hair.  It’s a pain, it doesn’t dry properly and it never looks great so I end up putting it up in some kind of style.   A colleage of mine, always looks fabulous and she told me her secret weekly blow drys.

I am going to see if my blow drys can last me a week, so I don’t have to wash my hair at home, I will link to another post on this in the future, but for now let me say that a weekly blow out means I look and feel fabulous all the time!

Here I make a start to this mission by calling on the fabulous salons in Buckley, North Wales:



Salon Name:        Hair by Natalie, Buckley, Flintshire, North Wales, UK.


Location & Parking!

The salon is very convieniently located opposite a large carpark which allows you to stay for hours for just 0.30p.


The Salon!  

The salon itself is a large salon with several stations very clean, I really like to buy stuff from the hairdressers and theres nothing to buy and no website to research.  (unhappy face).


The Staff  

It has many staff as it is a busy salon all of which I have met are extremely friendly including the owner Natalie.  They make you feel like you have known them for ages and put you at ease immediately.


This I confess is actually my second visit, my first visit was a week ago, where I didn’t take photos, so I decided to come back and start again.

The first visit I was in and out in 30 mins, my second visit it was more like an hour, (however I did get there 20 mins early so I was only 40 mins really).  The second visit was slightly longer because I had a longer conditioning treatment, which I wasn’t charged extra for. Result, however, I am always willing to pay for a conditioning treatment so the salon maybe missing out on a little extra revenue here!



Extra Tips!  

Natalie gave me some fantastic tips on washing and conditioning hair – “Try to avoid creamy shampoos as it can leave hair a little too heavy – try a wash instead.  Also, when conditioning hair, it’s really important to rinse it out thoroughly so that non of the conditioner remain as this too can leave hair too heavy”  Brilliant tips thanks Natalie!



The Price 

Emma Leighton & Natalie the Owner

The wash and blow cost just £14.50, which is a friggin steal, so I am very pleased with this indeed. And more over, the first blow dry, lasted (along with a little help, I’ll explain what I do to make it last in another post, which I will link to on here once I have done it) but it lasted until the Friday, yes bouncy and still curly, I was still getting compliments on my hair, which is pretty damn good value for money!

I also took videos too so look out for those, which I will post shortly.


Blow Dry Bar : Hair by Natalie,  Hibberts Corner Buckley you can book them on 01244 548070.


I would have liked to see a website, that I could maybe buy products from, or gift vouchers etc, but overall the experience and value for money great!

Look out for next week where I will be off to another Blow Dry Bar called Kay Richards in Buckley.

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