It is my belieft that there is always going to be plenty of money out there, but:

  • Is it your concern that your salon is in a poorer geographical area.  
  • Is your clients tightening their budgets and allocating less for beautifying themselves?
  • Does a regular 4 weeker appointment suddenly want a 6 weeker appointment.  
  • Does the client stop buying your expensive shampoo and change to a cheaper alternative. 

What impact will this have on your business and more importantly what can we as business owners do about it?

Whenever I am unsure about what to do, I look at really sucessful business owners and implement what they would do.  

Bill gates has aways famously said that if he had £50 left in his pocket he would spend it on marketing.  

So I ask as you a salon owner do you have a marketing strategy?

You should unless you are just starting have a client base already.  How do you reconnect with them?  

  • Facebook?
  • Instagram?
  • Pinterest?
  • Email marketing?
  • Website?
  1. What is the purpose of being at the top of page one of google?
  2. How do you get to the top of page one on google?  
  3. Many salons struggle to know what gets them on to page 1.  

The facts are that if you upsell products, or you provide a service that people should want to travel to, then how will people OUTSIDE YOUR AREA find you?


Creating a group is seen a good way to communicate with your clients. Plus if you want to get found setting your visibility to public and add your location in within your username.  Unforuntately many people are coming off facebook in droves so if they come off they wont get your messages. 


Many salons are buying a custom background and having their photos of their work taken in front of the background.  This is a fantastic way to show off work, if you don’t have one, definately look into getting one of these.  Vistaprint always have offers so bag yourself a bargain.


Why not pin all your work.  If you have a website you should pin all of the images to a public board on pinterest.  If anyone likes your pins, they will be able to follow your link through to your website generating more traffic and upping your website ranking on google search engines. 


Domain names are like real estate and can be bought and sold.  There is only a limited amount of domains, because it can onlly be used once, so if you find a brilliant name still exists, then it will only be a matter of time before that is taken.  Websites can help you build your email list to do marketing in the future.  If you sell products a website can help you sell your products anywhere in the world.  £1.6billion sales were done last year and it shows no sign of stopping.  

As reported in

Do you continue to market even when your busy?  

Many people take their foot of the gas, when they are back to back with clients.  It is very easy to do, why – because you are really busy of course.  However, it is tempting to stop contacting clients and pushing out promotions when you are busy, it can also be a disaster waiting to happen.  Why is this?  If you KNOW January is going to be a slow month, and that you are not already thinking about pushing out your promotions now, guess what if your competitors are pushing out promotions, you can bet your clients will hear about them.  

I would always recommend using the busy times to:

  • Gather email addresses. 
  • Get your client when with you to log into their facebook and add them to your group. 
  • Take photos of your work and post it on all your social media channels, but remember to get the clients details so they can share it too. 
  1. If you want customers from out of your area, you should invest in a website. 
  2. Get your website to the top of page one on google. 
  3. Blog about your industry.  If you become the expert in your field, then this builds trust and also a wider reputation, expanding the scope of your business. 
  4. Winning at competitions is great – but get it into the papers, I got my article about the North Wales Blow Dry Awards into the leader. 
  5. Enter awards and aim to be the winner.  Even just the buzz about being nominated into an awards creates a naritive, it gives your clients a real sense that they are having their hair done by a popular salon.  
  6. Encourage your clients to vote for you, also creates a talking point for them.  This in turn will generate more clients even if you don’t get into the top 5, it spreads the word and word of mouth is the best type of marketing.

I would like to hear from you!

If you have any concerns about brexit, or would like to post your ways to gain more clients please leave a comment below. 

Sharing is Caring 🙂